📩What are Peanut Links?

One of the fundamental concepts of Peanut Protocol are Peanut Links. Peanut Links are a way to send crypto tokens or NFTs with a simple URL like the one below. The URL contains everything someone needs in order to collect the funds or NFTs.


Instead of defining a specific destination address, a token, a specific chain, and then finally sending crypto, a Peanut Link takes care of all of the above. It's as simple and as magical as that!

You can create Peanut Links across a number of different chains, across a variety of tokens via the Peanut App or the SDK.

When a new Peanut Link is created, the Peanut App will show a confirmation page along with a Link and QR code that can be easily shared with your recipient.

Anyone can claim the funds in the newly created link if they have the QR code or link! Be careful to only share with the intended recipient!

When a recipient wants to claim the Link, all they need to do is visit the Link. The funds can be claimed to a connected wallet or any address supplied.

Peanut Links you have created are cached in the browser local storage. Because they are cached in your browser storage, you can check the Links created and see how many of them have been claimed.

Peanut does not store your Links. Information about Links that have been created live entirely within your browser local storage. Switching browser profiles, clearing browsing history or accessing from a phone or different device will result in the information being lost. However, you can still recover the funds even from lost links after a 24hour window.

To find more information about your created Links, see the Peanut dashboard.

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