šŸ„œWhat is Peanut Protocol?

Peanut Protocol allows you to transfer tokens using URLs.

Peanut Protocol uses secret-protected vault smart contracts. Secret-protected vault smart contracts hold the deposited token from the sender and can only be unlocked by a secret.

Peanut Protocol has a simple workflow. First, the sender deposits tokens to the vault smart contract, then they send the URL to their recipient, and finally the recipient withdraws the funds with the secret within the URL.

You can use Peanut Protocol in the following ways:

Peanut Protocol supports any token types. Including: native, ERC-20s, NFTs (ERC-721s and ERC-1155)! We also support 20+ different EVMs (ping us if you need us to add support for a new one).

Some of Peanut Protocol's core features include:

We are open source (GNU GPLv3.0) and open to contributors.

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