📘Raffles to Boost UWAs and Transactions

$100k in 27 Raffles, 105k Users Onboarded

Peanut Protocol ran a red packets campaign in coordination with Mantle. Red packets are an Asian tradition of making monetary gifts, often in the form a raffle, to family and friends.

The main goal of the campaign was to onboard new users onto mantle and showcase the rich ecosystem on Mantle.

The total value distributed was $100k in various tokens on Mantle. Since the raffles were public, it was important to prevent botting. To that end, cutting-edge multi-factor authentication, IP detection and Captcha were implemented.

Key Metrics

The following list are some key metrics captured throughout the red packets campaign:

  • 26 ecosystem partner projects participated

  • 280k claims

  • 102k unique wallet addresses

  • $190M $MNT market cap increase, 8.5% MNT/ETH

  • 44k unique wallet addresses participated in at least two raffles

  • low botting activity

    • 14% of MNT tokens were consolidated after the campaign, which indicates farming

For Developer wanting to get started immediately, check out Raffle

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