Embedding an IFrame

Why use an iFrame on your DApp?

Using an iFrame to integrate the PeanutπŸ₯œ widget into your web app is by far the simplest approach to send and receive crypto within your existing dApp. The widget can be integrated with very little effort (a single line of HTML) into any existing web app and optionally supports styling to match existing colours and branding.

Who is the iFrame for?

🐿️ Teams that wish to integrate Peanut Link creations in their website in the simpliest and easiest way possible.

Who is the iFrame not for?

🐿️ Developers that wish to integrate Peanut Link creations and claiming in their front end or back end services

🐿️ Teams requiring very granular controls over signing of transactions

How to integrate an iFrame into a DApp?

Get in touch on Discord if you want integrate HTML widgets and buttons and the team can quickly get you started.

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