📙IRL Events Marketing

Booths and merch can be expensive. Staffing the booth, the booth itself, the operations involved to getting the merch designed and shipped mean a simple booth can cost tens of thousands. Yet, after you’ve handed out your merch, you will have no visibility into conversions from that. Conversions will also be relatively low as you will not have a way to contact the people you’ve given t-shirts to.

Peanut Protocol can help:

  • boost your conversion rates at IRL events

  • let you capture data about potential leads

How it Works

Here is how it works:

  1. Put QR stickers on merch.

  2. Scan QR stickers to receive tokens or NFTs.

  3. Track the addresses that have claimed the tokens.

We can also provide a custom claim flow, if the above workflow is too generic. For example, a custom claim flow can look like:

  1. Capture a user's details before claiming.

  2. Require a mini-quest to be completed (eg. following you across socials).

  3. Onboard the user to a specific app (eg. L2 or wallet).

  4. Allow the claiming to happen on your own domain or app.

How to Get QR Codes

How to get the QR codes:

  • Get in touch with us via call or discord or Twitter. We’ll discuss:

    • token types,

    • the claim flow,

    • and any optional requirements for your project.

  • We will ship the QR codes to you.

  • We charge $0.10 - $2.00 per sticker depending on the amount of stickers.

Read one of our many success stories below:

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