Why use the SDK?

The SDK provides the fastest option to get started with Peanut Protocol.

The SDK wraps up all the low level complexities of Links and enables you to build immediately. Cryptographic security and full non-custodial with just npm i @squirrel-labs/peanut-sdk

Peanut Protocol SDK provides:

  • High level abstraction functions that make creating Peanut Links extremely fast and simple

  • Granular functions that allow for more control over the Link creation, transaction signing and claiming processes

Both offer a powerful and streamlined way of integrating with Peanut Protocol depending on the use case.

Who is the SDK for?

Typescript and JavaScript developers that wish to integrate Peanut Links in to their front end or back end services.

Who is the SDK not for?

The SDK is not for:

🐿️ Non-Typescript/JavaScript Developers (Do you use Swift, Kotlin or otherwise? Talk with us).

🐿️ Protocol Level Integrations

🐿️ Easy DApps Peanut Claiming Integrations (see Embedding an IFrame)

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