Create Raffle Links

Want to create a raffle to engage your community? Here is how you can!

Creating a Raffle Link can look similar to the previous Link creation processes. You can use either EthersV5 as a signer or a different library, and you'll need an API Key to use getRaffleLinkFromTx function. Please make sure to request for an API Key here.

import peanut, { getDefaultProvider } from '@squirrel-labs/peanut-sdk'
import { Wallet } from 'ethersv5'

const chainId = '11155111' // Sepolia
const mnemonic = 'announce room limb pattern dry unit scale effort smooth jazz weasel alcohol'

async function createLinks(): Promise<string> {
    let wallet = Wallet.fromMnemonic(mnemonic)
    const provider = await getDefaultProvider(chainId)
    wallet = wallet.connect(provider)

    const linkDetails = {
        chainId: chainId,
        tokenAmount: 0.01, // Total amount of the raffle
        tokenType: 0, // 0 for ether, 1 for erc20, 2 for erc721, 3 for erc1155
        tokenDecimals: 18,

    const numberOfLinks = 5

    const password = await peanut.getRandomString(16)

    const prepareTxsResponse = await peanut.prepareRaffleDepositTxs({
        userAddress: wallet.address,
        withMFA: false,
        numberOfLinks: numberOfLinks,

    const transactionHashes: string[] = []

    for (const unsignedTx of prepareTxsResponse.unsignedTxs) {
        const convertedTx = peanut.peanutToEthersV5Tx(unsignedTx)

        const signedTx = await wallet.sendTransaction(convertedTx)


    const getRaffleLinkResponse = await peanut.getRaffleLinkFromTx({
        password: password,
        txHash: transactionHashes[transactionHashes.length - 1],
        numberOfLinks: numberOfLinks,
        APIKey: '', //Request an api key
        withCaptcha: false,
        withMFA: false,


createLinks().then((link) => console.log(link))

We also support MFA and captcha, as well as multiple tokens in one raffle. Get in touch via Telegram or Discord to find out how!

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